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Proudly using Phillips Zoom teeth whitening technology

We use the very latest and safest technologies available for in surgery tooth whitening.

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Technologies We Use

We use the very latest and safest technologies available in surgery tooth whitening.

About Our Hygenists

Our hygienists carry out full mouth cleanings on every patient. We also treat and stabilize gum disease.

Careful readings of your gums will be taken on a regular basis to monitor your progress. Please ask us if you have any queries about this.

To talk to a professional hygienist call 0207 235 6531


Are you looking for first class dental treatment in Belgravia, London?

Established over 27 years ago, the Motcomb Street Dentist is a family run dental practice that provides the highest quality dentistry to a diverse range of clients.

With a wide variety of experience within the workforce, we are able to provide a wide variety of treatments which range from preventative dentistry and advice to dental hygiene, restorative and cosmetic treatments specially tailored to your needs.

Furthermore, we provide a 24 hour emergency service,

So if you’re in need of a high quality unique dentist, contact us today and we will deal with your requirement quickly and efficiently.


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    Following the COVID-19 pandemic, the government has enforced guidelines that dental
    practices must follow in order to operate in a way that protects both you and our staff.
    Dentistry includes performing aerosol generating procedures (AGP) which pose a greater
    risk of cross-contamination, since aerosol sprays are created which can contain virus
    particles from your mouth. Therefore, depending on the nature of your appointment, we
    have introduced a separate tariff of £7 per person attending for a non-AGP procedure
    (e.g. £14 for an examination) and £14 per person attending for an AGP procedure (e.g.
    £14 for a hygiene treatment and £28 for a filling.

    Personal protective equipment (PPE) has always been worn by our attending staff, however
    in these unprecedented times the cost of PPE has drastically increased. The government has
    ordered that enhanced PPE be worn and over the lockdown, we spent every day trying to
    obtain the necessary equipment. The charge does not only include the cost of PPE, but also
    the cost of all the other procedures that take place alongside your appointment and other
    equipment, including air purifiers in both surgeries. Additionally, we have hired another
    member of staff on reception since we are no longer able to leave the room during
    appointments. Furthermore, we now provide longer appointments in order to carry out the
    necessary procedures, which means we cannot see the same number of patients per day as
    we did before the pandemic.

    It is not viable for us to absorb these additional costs, whilst continuing to operate
    efficiently or safely. However, we have sought to keep our prices as low as feasibly possible.
    Please know that the tariff will be temporary. Once the extra safety measures are no longer
    needed, we will be able to remove the added charge.