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Motcomb Street Dentist Children's Dentistry


Dental care tailored to our younger patients

We believe it is essential to instil good oral health practices from a very young age. We encourage you to bring your children in to see us from around the age of 2 and a half onwards. We also recommend that your children see both the dentist, as well as one of our hygienists.

These appointments should be scheduled every six months to check the development of your child’s teeth. we will check the over all health of your child's mouth and look out for any decay in their teeth.

During their Hygienist appointment they will be shown exactly how to brush their teeth, how much toothpaste to use and what toothbrush to use. Their teeth will be polished, and some scaling will be carried out if required. 

As It is vital that a trip to the dentist is not worrying for your child, We suggest that you bring them with you when you come for your check ups and cleanings. doing this means they can see what a visit to the dentist involves. especially that it is not scary!

Motcomb Street Dentist Children's Dentistry

Adult teeth

This level of care should continue when their adult teeth start to come through. It allows us to look at the way they are erupting, and if required, consider a referral to an orthodontist to assess the need for braces.

A further preventative treatment is Fissure Sealants. They are coatings placed over the grooves on adult back teeth, usually when they first erupt. This is to protect and seal the teeth from tooth decay and is normally done from the age of 6-7 upwards.

OUR Recommendations

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