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Motcomb Street Dentist Tooth Whitening

A simple way to lighten the colour of your teeth 


An overview

Tooth whitening is a very simple procedure. We offer both the home whitening system and in surgery whitening.


with the Philips Zoom In Surgery tooth whitening, you can go up to 6 shades lighter in just one hour and the home whitening is also included!

How does it work?

Tooth whitening works by using Carbamide Peroxide Gel in custom made whitening trays. The gel works by creating a build up of oxygen in the teeth and removing the intrinsic stains. The oxidizing agents penetrate the porosities in the crystal like enamel structure and oxidize interprismistic stain deposits within the teeth.

Tooth whitening before and after

What is involved?

Having your teeth whitened is simple! You first need to see Paul to ensure that your teeth are healthy and that tooth whitening is suitable for your needs.


For at home whitening your initial appointment involves taking moulds, from which we will make custom whitening trays for you. we will then show you how to use them and how much whitening gel to use.

The advantage of the home whitening system is that you are in complete control of the colour of your teeth. When you are happy with the colour, just stop! But Keep your trays in case you want to top the whitening up in the future!Philips Zoom In Surgery whitening involves an hour of whitening in the chair as well as having at home whitening trays made.


Tooth whitening may cause some temporary sensitivity. If this happens, it may help to wear your trays with some de-sensitising toothpaste placed in them after you have whitened your teeth.

If this does not help, please see Paul for more advice.

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