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At home tooth whitening

At Motcomb Street Dentist we offer both in surgery and at home tooth whitening. At home whitening is very popular and has the added benefit of giving you the control of the colour of your teeth. When you have reached your desired shade you can stop! But you can also do top up maintenance treatments.

Tooth whitening works by using Carbamide Peroxide Gel in custom made whitening trays. The gel works by creating a build up of oxygen in the teeth and removing the intrinsic stains. The oxidizing agents penetrate the porosities in the crystal like enamel structure and oxidize interprismistic stain deposits within the teeth.

Motcomb Street Dentist tooth whitening

The first step in your tooth whitening journey will be visiting Paul to check that your teeth are healthy and that tooth whitening is right for you. If it is you will see one of our hygienist therapists for a cleaning. They will then take moulds of your teeth to make your custom whitening trays. Lastly they will teach you how to use the trays and how much whitening gel to use. There are two options for at home whitening, daytime and nighttime treatments. If you chose the daytime treatment you will use the trays for 60 minutes during the day. If you chose the nighttime treatment you will wear the trays over night.

Once you are home with your new trays and whitening kit it couldn't be easier to get started. Just follow these steps to get the smile you have always wanted.

  • floss all of your teeth, then brush them with Sensodyne pronamel or Biomin F toothpaste. Using one of these toothpastes will help with any potential sensitivity.

  • load the bleach tray as instructed when you were at the surgery, be careful not to use too much bleach as the excess will be wiped away

  • Place the tray in your mouth as instructed when you were in the surgery, wipe any excess bleach away and rinse with water if necessary

  • If you are doing the daytime treatment, Leave the tray in place for 60 minutes. It is important that you don't sleep during this time

  • If you are doing the nighttime treatment, Leave the tray in place over night, it is ok to sleep with the tray in your mouth

  • Remove the tray after the recommended time and brush your teeth with Sensodyne pronamel or Biomin F toothpaste

  • Brush the inside of the trays with cold water and a toothbrush to clean them, then put them in the storage box that you were given

Some people experience sensitivity during the whitening treatment. If this happens, you can put Sensodyne pronamel or Biomin F toothpaste in the tray and it wear for 1 hour after bleaching.

Have a chat with us next time you are at the practice to see if at home whitening is right for you!

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