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Twiggy and Rita Ora on Motcomb street

Updated: Aug 29, 2023

Motcomb Street was a hive of activity recently. A production crew arrived to set up their equipment and dress the street. It looked beautiful with a huge summer floral arrangement in front of Mayhew Newsagents.

The production crew setting up

Soon Twiggy and Rita Ora arrived to film what we believe was an advert. Nobody let the typical English rain dampen their style and everyone looked to still be having fun. The Motcomb Street Dentist staff even got a wave from Rita Ora! It was interesting to see how much work and preparation goes into creating a project like this. We were lucky to have front row seats to take it all in and watch how things progressed throughout the day.

Check out @motcomb_street_dentist to see the reels Dr Paul made and keep your eyes peeled to see our favourite street on the air soon!

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