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The Dentist Magazine

Motcomb Street Dentist Hygienists featured in The Dentist Magazine article

Paul and the team at Motcomb Street Dentist were recently featured in The Dentist magazine. They talked about the power of social media and how in today’s world it’s an important tool to connect with patients.

As many of you know, the practice has a very active Instagram page, @motcomb_street_dentist.

Motcomb Street Dentist article in The Dentist Magazine

Paul regularly posts the daily goings on at the practice as well as informative but fun dentistry tips. He states in the article, “What you see with us is what you get, and we speak a language people can understand. Our posts on Instagram are very representative of what patients experience at the practice”.

Front cover of The Dentist Magazine January 2023

Have you been featured on the Motcomb Street Dentist Instagram page? Come and visit soon to join in with the fun!

To read the full article head to page 44 of this months issue:

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